Sunday, July 21, 2013

Universal Add-in Manager v1.2

After quite a long time, here is an update to UAM. Rather than adding more functionalities, this update aims at simplifying the workflow and, especially features a great code clean up that will hopefully make the program (even) more stable.

The delete pack button was removed, you can now achieve  the same results clicking "remove" and then answering the message box that will appear, prompting you if you wish to remove the files.

No idea what this is? UAM is a small program I made to manage add-ins of programs that do not have a good manager. It can move groups of files to the right location and move them out if you want to temporarily disable a specific add-in. Off course, if you realize you don't want those files in your computer anymore, UAM can delete them for you. UAM gets especially useful with add-ins with several files spread across several folders.

I've used it with FSX and Sketchup, but it will probably be useful in many other situations.

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Hope to hear from you soon.