Sunday, July 21, 2013

Universal Add-in Manager v1.2

After quite a long time, here is an update to UAM. Rather than adding more functionalities, this update aims at simplifying the workflow and, especially features a great code clean up that will hopefully make the program (even) more stable.

The delete pack button was removed, you can now achieve  the same results clicking "remove" and then answering the message box that will appear, prompting you if you wish to remove the files.

No idea what this is? UAM is a small program I made to manage add-ins of programs that do not have a good manager. It can move groups of files to the right location and move them out if you want to temporarily disable a specific add-in. Off course, if you realize you don't want those files in your computer anymore, UAM can delete them for you. UAM gets especially useful with add-ins with several files spread across several folders.

I've used it with FSX and Sketchup, but it will probably be useful in many other situations.

Please send your feedback to

Hope to hear from you soon.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Morargil (LPMO) for FSX

This time on the subject of Flight Simulation, I publish here a small airport in Portugal, between Mora and Montargil municipalities. It is made for FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator X), and is likely to work in Prepar3d, since they claim to keep backwards compatibility.

Installation instructions are included.

FSX related:
Manage add-ons easily with Universal Add-in Manager!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Universal Add-in Manager v1.1

In my previous post, I presented my first published program, Universal Add-in Manager.

After publishing it I certainly wouldn't stop working on it, so here is the 1.1 version.

The main improvement in v1.1 is the communication with the user. Invalid names, files that cannot be moved, all relevant problems will be reported to you in descriptive messages. These warning messages are designed to be informative, not to be obstructive, so, if you have 100 similar errors, they will appear all in one message.
Asside from that, the program was also improved in speed and memory usage, and is much more protective about the user input, making sure there are no conflicts between your commands and the system. The library folder structure also suffered some adjustments.

Although there were very small functionality and UI changes in this version, development is far from over. I have big plans on developing this application, and providing an improving user experience, for free.
However, in my next posts I will publish some other products that are now in the finishing line.
Stay tuned!

If you have no idea what is this program or how it works, please, read my previous post or the software section.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Universal Add-in Manager

This program's objective is to manage add-ins for those programs that don't provide a good plugin manager, that allows you to remove or disable the extras at any time. Universal Add-in Manager (UAM) will allow you to do so, either the add-ins are organized in folders or all together.

UAM calls each set of files you add a pack, so, usually, you create a pack for each add-in. Packs are organized in groups, so that you can manage add-ins from different programs, all in the same place.
To know more about how it works, visit the software tab or read the rest of the post.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello World

For some time I have been thinking in creating my own web place, my space for making public some of my creations.

After some hard time trying to imagine a name for the blog, and an awful indecision about the visuals, here it is, The Flying Chariot will be from now on my little corner of the internet, where I'll publish some of my programs.

As I was never good in writing introductions, this is it, just browse around and see if you're pleased.